The Katipunan Revolution Today

I had a chance to finally watch the movie Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo, directed by Enzo Williams. The movie illustrates how Andres Bonifacio fought for the freedom of the Filipinos from its corrupt conquerors. In the process, he also established the first government of the Philippines and became its first president.

Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo

If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it when you have the chance. It is one film Filipinos should be proud of and should see because it illustrates what we need to remember as Filipinos. Everything about it was great, including its very powerful message. The film shows we should never be complacent and to always fight for our beliefs, which is a good question to ask. What do you believe in?

In the entire movie, Enzo Williams, the director, expressed how Andres Bonifacio based his decisions on how it can help his fellow citizens. He recruited members secretly so no one gets hurt before they can execute their plan.

In one scene, one of the characters asked why Bonifacio concentrated on being a “hero” first than take care of his family. Another character replied that he didn’t act or make decisions because he wanted to be a hero. He did it because he thought of the whole country as his family and he had to protect them at all cost. He never worried if he was going to be a hero or not. All he knew was his family was in trouble and he had to do something before it was too late.

It was a painful reminder that Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Fr. Gomez, Fr. Burgos, Fr. Zamora and the rest of the KKK sacrificed their lives so we can enjoy the freedom that we have now. And it’s not so evident now, this freedom. Is that really what they fought for? So we can work just to earn money? And for what? The latest gadgets? The latest cars? The latest clothes?

It’s okay to have these items every now and then but we’ve let these items consume us. We’ve let materialism consume us. Now, all we can think about is how to have this, how to have that, where to go and what to buy. Are we really happy with just that kind of lifestyle? Are we just really content with collecting stuff?

So let me ask you, how are we paying back that sacrifice? What are we doing now to make sure that we always have that freedom and are never treated like indios ever again? Or are we like the conquerors and treating other people or other beings as indios? Which one are we?

A lot of people think the Katipunan Revolution could never happen again but maybe it is happening again, just in a different form. Think about it.


Watch Bonifacio!

*All images from the Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo Facebook Page.


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