As of this writing, I am now currently in the pre-production phase of my latest short film. I’m rewriting my script, which started as a 9.5-minute film and will most likely end up as a 20-minute short. Let’s hope not.

I’m holding a cold reading session that also doubles as an audition this weekend. And it’s a pain in the ass. Seriously. Common sense? Not that common. I’m currently looking for a casting assistant to help me out because man, I cannot do it alone. I’m hoping to get a camera for the auditions but it looks like I’ll have to settle for a webcam and a laptop to record the auditions.

I’m using the entire month of June for rewrites and meetings with my producer. Yes. I have a producer. I am no longer producing, writing and directing my projects. I will be writing, directing and co-producing it. Yeah. I can’t not produce it.

Next month, I’m going to have to recruit the rest of my crew, rehearse my actors (good thing I only have 2), get a location and finalize everything. I plan to shoot the film in early August so I can’t dilly-dally.

It’s exciting though, pre-prod. But man, oh, man, it’s still scary.  But it’s the good kind of scary. I’m looking forward to the final product, which I’ll be shopping around to festivals and use as my ticket to create a feature film based on the same premise.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Pre-Production

  1. It’s good you’re spending so much time on pre-production. I learned the need for lots of that the easy way (in classes at STCC in Springfield, MA), and the hard way I’m sorry to say. By yesterday I was only through half the rough edit on a video I “helped” shoot two years ago. Now I know if I ever produce a video using an untrained volunteer crew behind the camera that I must spend as much time rehearsing them as I do rehearsing the cast. The cast and producer deserved better than I was able to do back then (not to imply that I’m an expert after taking classes either.)
    Anyway, good luck…even though it seems that you should do fine based on effort alone.

    • It’s true. As much as I want to help out people just starting out in the business, it’s hard to trust them to make your production a success. It really needs to be a balance. We just gotta watch out for new lessons in every production and use those for the next one.

      Good luck with your editing!

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