Your Good Friend (2012)

As much as I love to write, I love filmmaking even more. There’s nothing like seeing your movie up on the big screen, in front of an audience (i.e., people you know and don’t know), and have the audience receive your movie the way you intended them to receive it.

And more than that, I love it when I see my friends (who are also filmmakers) reach for their dreams and come out on top.

Back in San Francisco, I was fortunate to work with one of the best screenwriting and directing teachers I’ve ever had. I loved how he pushed me to surpass my boundaries and consider perspectives that have never even crossed my mind.

Your Good Friend

Directed by Matthew Jacobs

In the summer of 2010, he followed his heart and directed, produced and co-wrote a feature film. Oh, and he also edited the film. Your Good Friend was an experiment of sorts. He had a script but it was all visual. He didn’t have dialogue, they only had the basic structure of the film. Everything said in the film was improv. Add to that, he only had a crew of five people, including himself, the DP, AD, PA and Sound Recordist. His co-star is not a professional actor and the other characters in the film were portrayed by either the crew or friends.

He finally finished the film (after numerous edits and test screenings) and is now awaiting judgment (waiting for results from film festival submissions). I cannot wait to watch it when it comes to New York!

Check out the trailer on their website, Your Good Friend, since I can’t embed videos here.

Congrats, Matthew!


Learning more about YGF (I caught some early edits when I was still in SF) inspired me to keep on reaching for that next project I should embark on. It was hard to figure out what it was gonna be. But now, I think I know, I’m currently developing and writing a script, which I believe is going to be my next short film. And I’m hoping I’ll be able to direct and produce that by the end of this year.


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