The Philippine Reproductive Health Bill: A Documentary

The RH Bill is a controversial issue in the Philippines. It’s divided the country into three parts, the pro-RH Bill camp, the anti-RH Bill camp and the apathetic camp. If you want to know more about the bill, you can check out this video for more information.

Personally, I support the RH Bill. It’s a great solution for overpopulation and poverty in the Philippines. And, according to Carlos Celdran during one of the debates, if this is not the perfect solution, you better come up with a solution that will help. Because after all, “if you’re not part of the problem, you’re part of the solution”.

I’m currently working as a translator/editor for a documentary filmmaker based in NYC working on a documentary about population growth, focusing on the RH Bill in the Philippines. I’ve been watching the debates and interviews and nobody’s giving way.

Go Forth And Multiply: A Documentary

There is another Filipino filmmaker producing a documentary about the RH Bill. Go Forth And Multiply captures the supporting and opposing views on the bill and invite you to pay attention, take a part and take your stand regarding the RH Bill.  And, although they’ve done a lot of production, they still need help with post-production and bringing the documentary to the people.

Help them raise their funds for post-production and distribution. Any amount will help. But if you can’t, help spread the word. Get the word out to people you know will be able to contribute. You can contribute via Indiegogo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-RH or anti-RH, we need to get the word out to the people about the RH Bill. We need to educate people about the two sides and help them make a decision for themselves. Don’t let anyone think for you.

Check out these links to find out more about the documentary and the filmmakers:


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