Challenges of Screenwriting

I never get tired of attending screenwriting classes. I still believe it’s important to remember the basics no matter how long you’ve been doing something. I’m still starting out as a screenwriter and I’ve taken advantage of the techniques used by the teachers or speakers in the classes I’ve taken. I used their techniques, combined with what I’ve learned in the past. Honestly, I still haven’t figured out the best way to write scripts because I’m still learning new things everyday.

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IFP Filmmaker Conference

Today was Day 1 of the IFP Filmmaker Conference at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center in New York. Day 1 tackled a lot of issues on looking for financing, including crowdfunding and equity financing.

The conference is still ongoing until Thursday, Sept 22, and if you’re lucky enough, you should catch a day’s panel or two.

I’ll try to do a recap of the conference and the panels soon.

The Philippine Reproductive Health Bill: A Documentary

The RH Bill is a controversial issue in the Philippines. It’s divided the country into three parts, the pro-RH Bill camp, the anti-RH Bill camp and the apathetic camp. If you want to know more about the bill, you can check out this video for more information.

Personally, I support the RH Bill. It’s a great solution for overpopulation and poverty in the Philippines. And, according to Carlos Celdran during one of the debates, if this is not the perfect solution, you better come up with a solution that will help. Because after all, “if you’re not part of the problem, you’re part of the solution”.

I’m currently working as a translator/editor for a documentary filmmaker based in NYC working on a documentary about population growth, focusing on the RH Bill in the Philippines. I’ve been watching the debates and interviews and nobody’s giving way.

Go Forth And Multiply: A Documentary

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Asian American International Film Festival 2011 & The Learning

Last August, I had the opportunity to work for the Asian American International Film Festival in New York. It was a wonderful opportunity. I met and worked with great people, including filmmakers, publicists and non-filmmakers, too. The AAIFF had such a great line-up that it was such a shame a lot of people didn’t know about it beforehand. But nonetheless, this was year was its 34th time in the city so I think the city and its people do know about it.

Another thing I got to do at the festival was watch movies and one of the movies I watched was Filipino filmmaker, Ramona S. Diaz‘, latest documentary, The Learning. The Learning follows the lives four female teachers hired by the city of Baltimore, MD from the Philippines to teach in their schools.

The Learning by Ramona S. Diaz

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