Basics of Screenwriting

Working for Jacob Krueger Studio

One of my 195 jobs includes being an office intern for Jacob Krueger Studio. I am an admin assistant and help out with posting homework, blog posts and researching articles/quotes about screenwriting. I also assist during Monday night classes, which also hosts a live online streaming class at the same time.

I wanted to take Jake’s class before but I couldn’t afford it. Imagine my joy when they posted a job ad for the position I have and I get to take the classes for free! I was looking forward to the Rewrite class because that’s what I mostly need. But you know, sitting in on the basic screenwriting class is pretty cool, too, because I get to brush up on the basics.

I think brushing up on the basics is what every screenwriter should do once in a while. It reminds them about the joy of writing and what to focus on. It also offers me a different perspective on screenwriting that I’ve always managed to include in my writing.

I’m looking forward to the next class and find out what I’m going to re-learn again.


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