My Love Affair With TV

I love to watch TV, that’s no secret. And it’s also no secret that I’m working to have a career in TV writing. And it’s no secret that for my thesis in grad school, I developed and wrote scripts for two TV series. I can’t get enough of it. And I’m looking forward to the new shows coming out this fall and spring 2011-2012 season.

There are three that I’m super looking forward to. And when I say looking forward to, that means will make a conscious effort to watch every week.

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Porcelain Unicorn

My writing teachers have always told me to write visually. Always show, don’t tell. But I was in love with dialogue and spent a lot of my time perfecting it. And they’ve tried to train me to do the opposite the whole time. It took some bad decisions for me to realize there might be something to that. So I’ve done that and let me tell you, my writing has improved. I’ve learned to tell the story better through visuals and not through telling. I love it.

I came across this short film via Scott MyersGo Into The Story. It’s so beautiful and powerful and the whole film had only six lines. Watch it on Youtube. (Unfortunately, I can’t embed it here since WordPress wants me to spend a certain amount per month just to be able to do that.)

Help Kickstart The Jeepney Movie!

Please help spread the word on Filipina filmmaker Esy Casey’s latest documentary on the Philippines and its iconic PUV, the jeepney.

Quick update: There’s 3 more days to help fund The Jeepney movie! Please spread the word and help out if you can. You can donate here!

About The Jeepney Movie:

Hey you! Halikana dito!  I’m raising production funds for my documentary JEEPNEY. Visualizing the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines, this feature-length documentary follows the journey of the jeepney—a military relic turned hot-rod mass-transit vehicle—and its drivers and passengers as they head towards an uncertain future. Vignettes of conversations and stories from drivers, passengers and policy makers show the jeepney’s evolution from an object of war to a symbol of the country’s repeatedly suppressed indigenous arts. But economic challenges may point to the end of the road for the jeepney, and may relocate millions of families from the mountains to overcrowded slums. Principal photography for JEEPNEY will run from mid-August through November 2011, with a release date anticipated for summer 2012.The money is going towards the 2-woman crew’s cost of living for three months in the Philippines, jeepney fare and feasts of gratitude for our participants.  Thanks so much for checking us out, and keep in touch at

About the filmmaker, Esy Casey:

Esy Casey (Director/Director of Photography) is a Filipina American Filmmaker. She’s the DP / Producer of THING WITH NO NAME (2008; available on iTunes and Amazon), which was nominated for Best Documentary at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the Haskell Wexler Prize for Best Cinematography at the Woodstock Film Festival. Her illustration + design work shows internationally, and she is a contributor to Art Asia Pacific, Filmmaker, and COLORS Magazine.

Basics of Screenwriting

Working for Jacob Krueger Studio

One of my 195 jobs includes being an office intern for Jacob Krueger Studio. I am an admin assistant and help out with posting homework, blog posts and researching articles/quotes about screenwriting. I also assist during Monday night classes, which also hosts a live online streaming class at the same time.

I wanted to take Jake’s class before but I couldn’t afford it. Imagine my joy when they posted a job ad for the position I have and I get to take the classes for free! I was looking forward to the Rewrite class because that’s what I mostly need. But you know, sitting in on the basic screenwriting class is pretty cool, too, because I get to brush up on the basics.

I think brushing up on the basics is what every screenwriter should do once in a while. It reminds them about the joy of writing and what to focus on. It also offers me a different perspective on screenwriting that I’ve always managed to include in my writing.

I’m looking forward to the next class and find out what I’m going to re-learn again.