I Keep Comin’ Back

I loved my time working for at my internship last spring. It felt good to come in and go home at the same time every time. It also felt good to be able to anticipate what could happen in a given day.

But man, I gotta tell ya. Nothing still beats working in a production.

Last weekend, I got to work in my very first New York production. It was an indie short but made up of a production crew that’s been doing this for quite some time already. Seriously, it was the first professional shoot I’ve ever worked on. Everybody talked to each other and helped each other out. There was no arguing, no misunderstanding, no miscommunication. Everybody worked together towards a common goal.

Might sound boring but if you’ve ever worked in a film/TV production, you will know it’s never boring. But everybody took it in stride, accepted every bad thing and just went with the flow. And the best thing about it, we always wrapped up production way before the sun was about to set. That never happened to me in student films. Well, except for that one film.

I’m not very good at going to industry parties and networking there. But I am good at working at productions and networking from there. And that’s exactly what I did. I made new connections and I’m starting to build a life in NY now. It’s getting me pumped up for my own production, too.

Can’t wait to work on more productions!


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