First Half Of 2011

It’s July and the first half of 2011 has already gone. Less than 5 months til 2012!

Some people have been posting their half-year recaps and I’ve decided to join the bandwagon since 2011 has been, so far, good to me.

On the subway going home


January 15, 2011 was when I made the next big step in my life, I moved to NYC for life after grad school. I got an internship, support of my family and friends, prayers, God’s guidance and lots of self-confidence. It filled me with lots of hope for this next chapter.


February was when I found my current apartment. I saw a lot of apartments but fell in love with this one. It has its faults but there was something about that I still love. And I super love my neighborhood. It’s a bit of a commute to Manhattan but who cares?


I’ve settled in at work, met new people and my mom came to visit. This was the moment when I realized I’ve really settled into my new home.


Two big events happened in April. 1) I volunteered at the Tribeca Film Festival, which was amazing! 2) I finished my graduate thesis.


The month started with a visit from my best friend from Manila and it gave me a chance to go around the city for, more or less, the first time. My internship ended in May, which, although sad, ended in a high note. It didn’t seem like it at first but I loved working for the company and my department. I also presented my thesis in May and graduated from grad school. Finally, I can use what I’ve learned to start earning money.


I went back to San Francisco for a two-week break and it recharged me to face jobhunting head-on. Oh, and June marked the end of the 1.5 year wait for U2’s concert in Oakland. U2!

I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2011 has in store for me. I am ready!


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