Golden Freakin’ Globes

So the Golden Globes Awards ceremonies were last Sunday. And what happened? Everybody got drunk, starting with the host. Of course, I have no proof but it sure looked like it.

So what did you think about the winners?

Ricky Gervais, this year's host of the Golden Globes

Best Supporting Actor for TV
John Lithgow, Dexter  – Winner

Why has Neil Patrick Harris not been recognized for his performance in How I Met Your Mother? If he wasn’t there, the show would be a goner! Well, I mean, the writing is still awesome but without the right actor, even just one, it’s nothing.

I’m not really sure about John Lithgow because I’ve never seen Dexter. Maybe I should start watching Dexter now, huh? And Mad Men. I’ve heard good things about the two shows. Have you seen these shows?

Best Comedy Series
Glee – Winner

Okay, I enjoy Glee as much as the next person. But Best Comedy Series, really? It’s good and funny but not THAT good. I mean, take out the musical performances and you’ve really just got a comedy show with lines that’ll make you chuckle but still lacking that over-the-top comedy needed. Gotta say good job on casting Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester though. She’s the best thing in there, besides the musical performances.

Best Screenplay
Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner , Up In The Air – Winner

Good choice. Nice. I agree. Up In The Air is a good movie. Great lines, great pacing, great character development. In fact, all the nominated screenplays are all good. And I don’t mind which one wins because they all deserve it.

Best Lead Actor, Comedy or Musical
Robert Downey, Jr, Sherlock Holmes – Winner

Really? He was good in the movie but an award-winning performance? I think his acting now is getting a little one-dimensional already. It’s almost the same in every movie. I just think he hasn’t had that movie yet with the award-winning performance.

Best Lead Actress, Comedy or Musical
Meryl Streep, Julie and Julia – Winner

Yeah, I gotta agree. I only remember the movie because of Meryl Streep. She stole the show! I hated it whenever they had to go back to Amy Adams and cut Meryl Streep’s scenes. And I loved that they casted Stanley Tucci as her husband. They had such good chemistry, him and Meryl Streep. Watch it for them because you surely will regret watching it for the story.

Best Director, Best Motion Picture – Drama
James Cameron, Avatar – Winner

I know it’s earned billions and billions of dollars and has been in the cinemas for more than a month now. But come on! Best Picture? Are you kidding me? If Cameron’s intent was to blind everyone with his visuals to win an award, then he does deserve the best director award. Or should it be best actor? The screenplay was bad. The acting was eh. The only thing going for it was the visuals. Man, that was awesome though. If we only lived in a Pandora world.

But not. This is definitely NOT the best picture of the year. Are you kidding me? No. I do not agree at all. The Hurt Locker and Katherine Bigelow should have won.

Oscar nominations are going to be announced on Feb. 2 and the awards will be handed out on March 7. I’m just hoping they don’t use these awards to dictate the Oscar winners.


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