I’m With Coco!

I have never been a fan of Jay Leno. When he took over The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson, I was watching David Letterman. David Letterman had a more confident humor and Leno was jut weak. But as much as I love Letterman, I love that ginger-haired Irish guy, Conan O’Brien, even more. I would stay up late for him.

I was so happy when they announced that Conan would take over The Tonight Show starting on the 2009-2010 season. Finally, I said. He has his turn and he’s gonna make it good!

Fast forward to Fall 2009.

Suddenly, I see a TV listing for weeknights at 10pm: The Jay Leno Show. Huh? What? I thought he was retired?

But I didn’t care. All I wanted to watch was The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien at 11:35pm.

Then, not long ago, NBC decided to cancel The Jay Leno Show because of low ratings. As soon as they announce it, they began talks about changing it to a half-hour show and moving it to 11:35pm, thus moving all the late night shows a half-hour later.

What? What is up with that? What the hell?

They finally announced on Monday that they will be moving Jay Leno to 11:35pm, prompting Conan O’Brien to release a public statement that he has rejected the offer and he would rather leave than “participate in The Tonight Show’s destruction”.

For fans everywhere, it’s win-lose-win-lose situation. If Conan leaves, we don’t know where Conan will be next. If Conan stays, then he’s letting himself be underminded by NBC executives. Damn.

But whatever happens, show your support for Conan on:


Facebook (That’s Enough, Jay Leno, That’s Enough)

Facebook (I’m With Coco)


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